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SOBEREYE is a subscription based service that includes:

  • ​Testing devices

  • Cloud-based enterprise software

  • Training and Support

A proactive safety solution to save lives and save money.

Monitor impairment risk from fatigue, illness, alcohol and drugs, on-the-job, when it matters most.

A safer workplace

in the blink of an eye


How it works

(67 sec)

SOBEREYE testing visor

Testing device

​​The device checks the users' eyes and in real time accurately measures impairment risk due to fatigue, illness, alcohol, legal, illegal and prescription drugs.

The portable device makes it easy to self-test anytime and anywhere.

Iris recognition technology identifies the person taking the test and allows unsupervised testing.

The SOBEREYE Pupillometer is an FDA Class 1, 510(K) exempt device.

FDA Registration number 10085365, 


enterprise dashboard

Test results are available in real time on your  company dashboard keeping you informed of your workforce alertness and Fitness-for-Duty.

Notifications allow you to receive alerts and take action upon the occurrence of High-Risk test results.

Data analytics and reporting let you track safety progress and reveal situations that require your attentions.

SOBEREYE Software Dashboard

​​Training and Support

We provide on site deployment and training of your employees and supervisors.

On-going technical support during the subscription period.

Assistance with data analytics and best practices to maximize your service benefits.

Immediate Test results

Test results are specific for each individual enrolled in the service. The system automatically learns about their normal PLR response and a reference PLR baseline is established for each user.


During a test, the measured PLR response is compared against the individual’s baseline.  Alterations of PLR response are reported as High-Risk results, indicating a high level of impairment risk.


Low-Risk results indicate the absence of PLR alterations compared to baseline, indicating a low level of impairment risk.

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