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Saving Lives: our Mission to prevent workplace accidents

Impairment-related accidents at work can have serious consequences for both employees and employers. When workers are impaired, their reaction times slow down, their attention span decreases impacting on their decision-making abilities. This can lead to mistakes, accidents, and injuries.

OPTOVERA by sobereye promotes a culture that not only recognizes the risks associated with fatigue but also takes proactive measures to address them.

Workplace safety is about getting your employees safely back to their families
after a hard day's work

90% of accident reports indicate human error as a contributing cause, but human error is a consequence, not a cause.

Impairment due to fatigue, medications, alcohol, and drugs is a major contributor to workplace accidents.

Preventing workplace accidents requires a multi-faceted approach.

​Employers can implement impairment management programs, provide training on the dangers of fatigue, and encourage workers to report any signs of fatigue. Mandatory, but not enough to avoid accidents at work.

​​OPTOVERA users learn to recognize their impairment risk every time they test and will adjust their behaviors and habits to stay safe on the job.

Promote Safety
Prevent Accidents
Save Lives

Sectors we serve

Watch this video about impairment in the workplace
(58 sec)

The high cost of accidents

•Medically consulted injury:    $42,000

•Death:                                          $1,340,000

Total economic cost:                 $167.0B

US 2021 work-related deaths and injuries costs

Source: National Safety Council

We’re happy to hear from you. Tell us about your business and discover how we can make it safer.

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